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Scribner Plastics

NOTE: The EPA has outlawed the manufacture and sale of Red, Blue, and Yellow 5-gallon plastic containers within the U.S.A. because people put fuel in them. However, for some reason the Marine Industry is exempt from these rules at the present time. The only colors available are: White, Orange, Purple, Gray, Green, and Black.


5-Gallon Utility Jug

5-Gallon Utility Jug

Square design eliminates unusable spaces around the jug. They mate naturally and fit flush against walls and other flat surfaces. The original funnel top design and molded handle helps bleed air into the jug allowing the entire contents to be unloaded in approximately 9 seconds. The extra heavy duty lid is warranted for the life of the jug and all jugs exceed UN standards.

Color Product No. Price
Purple 708-2000P $30.32
Orange 708-2000O $30.32
White 708-2000W $30.32
Green 708-2000GN $30.32
Grey 708-2000GY $30.32
Black 708-2000BL $30.32
Jug Lid - Complete

Jug Lid - Complete

Color Product No. Price
White 708-5221 $11.57



14-Inch "D" Funnel

5 colors to choose from. Funnels are heavy duty with an anti-splash lip around the top. A filter can be added to any funnel.

Color Product No. Price
Blue 708-6110B $11.79
Orange 708-6110O $11.79
White 708-6110W $11.79
Yellow 708-6110Y $11.79
Red 708-6110R $11.79

Also available in 45-degree funnels.
Please call 1-800-622-3939 to order.

6-Gallong Dump Can

6-Gallon Dump Can

This container is not manufactured by Scribner.
Comes with a hose kit.

Color Product No. Price
White 335-6-W $50.13


11-Gallon Dump Can

11-Gallon Dump Can

This container is not manufactured by Scribner.

Color Product No. Price
White 335-11-W $84.40

3" Fill Hose
(seen below)

225-112 $22.00

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