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Performance & Restoration for the VW Enthusiast

If you don't see the part you are looking for, please call 800-622-3939 for availability and pricing.

Frame & Body | Engine Components




Counterweighted Cranks

The most effective way to improve revs while increasing reliability is with a fully counterweighted crankshaft. We take only good original German cranks and add counterweights, drill for 8 dowels and completely re-machine all the journals to .010/.010 while checking for total trueness. Sold outright. Other strokes available upon request.

Product No. 135-4000-02 Counterweighted Crank, 69mm $319.98
Product No. 135-4000-03 Counterweighted Crank, 74mm $679.98

Competition Crank Installation Kit

A complete kit to install a crank into a new or rebuilt engine. Included in the kit is new timing gears, spacers, cam plug, racer spacer, distributor drive pinion, washers and woodruff keys.

Product No. 135-4106-10


Crank Racer Spacer

This trick item eliminates stock gear spacer failure. The stock "horse shoe" spacer is notorious for opening up under high stress and destroys the gear train and often the case. This unit simply slips around the crankshaft to form a bulletproof setup.

Product No. 135-4000-50


Heavy Duty Rod Bearings

Quality precision bearings. All have been tested in actual competition for the past 10 years. Features complete inspection, radiusing, and chamfuring.

Product No. 135-4005-30 H.D. Rod Bearing, STD $59.99
Product No. 135-4005-31 H.D. Rod Bearing, +.010 $69.99

Cylinder Kits

These high quality piston and cylinder kits feature forged pistons, high quality cylinders, pins, clips and rings.

Product No. 135-4576-11 85.5mm $277.49
Product No. 135-4576-12 87mm $310.00

Performance Rods (Set of 4)

These rods are top quality to make your engine run longer and smoother. Sold in a matched set of 4, these rods are rebuit to exacting tolerances using new bronze bushings and hardware.

Product No. 135-4005-50


Teflon Buttons (Set of 8)

These Teflon buttons are easy to install and will not break. Sold in sets of 8.

Product No. 135-4594-12 90.5mm $15.98
Product No. 135-4594-13 92mm $15.99
Product No. 135-4594-14 94mm $15.99

Fan Shrouds

Redesigned and re-engineered in 1992, these 36HP style fan shrouds really cool and fit great. The doghouse models feature 9 directional air veins while the regular models have 7. Internal "scoops" for the fresh air outlets. And just like the original, there is plenty of clearance for the late model ('B') doghouse fan. To complete the doghouse installation we offer matching "OEM style" tin pieces.

Product No. 135-4581-14 Blk 36HP Shroud, No Air Ducts $65.99
Product No. 135-4582-14 Blk 3HP Doghouse Shroud, No Ducts $79.49
Product No. 135-4583-14 Blk 36HP Shroud, With Air Ducts $71.99
Product No. 135-4584-14 Blk 36HP Doghouse Shroud, With Air Ducts $83.99
Product No. 135-4581-24 Blk Doghouse Cooler Cover (upper) $11.99
Product No. 135-4581-34 Blk Doghouse Exhaust Vent (lower) $10.99

Cylinder Cool Tin (Pair)

This was originally a factory designed item only for Type III motors. By design the Type III motors have a habit of running higher head temperatures and this is the cure. Another must-have item for all high performance engines. Fits all engines except Type IV. Sold in pairs.

Product No. 135-4526


Chromoly Stud Kit (8mm)

Most high compression, high horsepower engines are plagued with head stud breakage. To insure dependability put in a set of these precision made chromoly steel studs. Kit comes complete with studs, washers and nuts. The best insurance money can buy.

Product No. 135-4564 8mm, Stock Length $91.45
Product No. 135-4564-10 8mm + 1/2" Longer $95.49

Silicone Pushrod Tube Seals (16 Pcs.)

Here's the answer to that nagging question about what to do about oil leaks around the pushrod seals. Made of super sealing silicone material to ward off heat checking and pliable enough to seat right up and form a perfect seal. Sold in a set to do one engine.

Product No. 135-4105


Windage Pushrod Tubes (Set of 8)

The fastest and easiest way to reduce oil sloshing and leaking valve cover gaskets by keeping the oil from "running" up the push rod tube. One end of the tube is longer thereby extending into the case to slow the sloshing. Sold in sets of eight.

Product No. 135-4107-10 Windage Pushrod Tubes, Zinc $35.98
Product No. 135-4550-10 Stock Pushrod Tubes $19.99

Adjustable Pushrod Tube

Extruded from aluminum for greater heat dissipation and more strength than stock. Adjustable to assume perfect seal. Make emergency repairs without removing the cylinder head. A must for any off-roader.

Product No. 135-4011 Adjustable Aluminum Pushrod Tube $8.99
Product No. 135-4012 Adjustable Pushrod Tubes, Set of 8 $69.58
Product No. 135-4008 Replacement O Rings, Set of 8 $1.99

Engine Lock Nut Kit

This lock nut kit is added insurance for any VW engine. Lock nuts resist vibration and keep the engine tightly sealed even during repeated off road use.

Product No. 135-4050


Engine Hardware Kits

These kits features high quality hardware to complete your engine. The complete kit has special sealing nuts, copper lock nuts, washers, etc. for the right applications. The manifold nut set are special 12mm head 8mm nuts that won't seize.

Product No. 135-4505 Complete Engine Hardware Kit
(over 140 pieces)
Product No. 135-4506 Shroud Screw Kit,
12 piece
Product No. 135-4505-11 Special 12mm Head x 8mm Nut Set, 12 piece $17.99
Product No. 135-4507 Copper Exhaust nut Kit,
8 piece

Aluminum Push Rods

Lightweight strong 3/8" diameter push rods for the discerning engine builder. These units offer the ultimate in strength versus weight. Available in uncut lengths, to suit your individual application. Easily cut and installed in any VW engine.

Product No. 135-4054


Windage Tray

This easy to install competition engine component can increase reliability and horsepower by controlling oil spray, froth and surging. Long sweeping turns, hill climbing, drag racing and slalom action can send oil up the back of the engine case or out the push rod tubes - and the pick up tube will pick up nothing but air, a disaster for bearing life. The windage tray fits just below the camshaft, creating a separate oil chamber and alleviating this problem. one model snap fits into all engine cases.

Product No. 135-3044


Melling Oil Pump

This heavy duty cast iron pump is made with 38% larger gears than your standard pump. Precision manufactured in the USA, it offers an exceptional value for a high performance rated pump.

Product No. 135-3034


Oil Pump Cover

Cover fits all VW oil pumps and is precisioned machined for perfect, leakproof fit. Pump cover has outlet that allows direct pump hook-up as featured on Super Pump.

Product No. 135-3048


Chromoly Gland Nut & Washer

Super strength at an affordable price. Super strong 4130 chromoly steel billet precision machined on CNC equipment. Comes complete with OEM style pilot shaft bearing for long life. Large head design for greater gripping surface. Every hi-performance engine should have one. Requires 1-7/8" socket.

Product No. 135-4035-10 Chromoly Gland Nut $39.98
Product No. 135-4031 Gland Nut Washer $7.98

Lightened Flywheels

These light weight flywheels are completely reconditioned and lightened to approximately 12lbs. Drilled for 8 dowels, these 12V flywheels are available unbalanced or balanced.

Product No. 135-4099-10 Light Flywheel
12V-Rebuilt, Unbalanced
Product No. 135-4099-11 Light Flywheel
12V-Rebuilt, Balanced

Feramic Clutch Disc

This super clutch disc features unique pads with feramic composition permanently impregnated. The pads are bonded and then pinned with shear-proof fasteners to the heavy gauge steel center plate. The high grade steel center hub features deeper splines for positive grip on the shaft.

Product No. 135-4088 3-Puck Clutch Disc $93.99
Product No. 135-4091 4-Puck Disc, Solid Center $76.76
Product No. 135-4091-20 Sprung 4 Puck Disc $149.36
Product No. 135-4091-11 "KEP" 4 Puck Disc $99.98

"Kep" Performance Clutch

Totally new multi-finger clutches-NOT built from cores! This new design will give clutches from Kennedy Engineered Products even more reliability and performance and will enhance their reputation for high quality. Balanced within 0.4 oz inch. 100% load tested and jig assembled. Contact face is high tensile cast iron alloy for strength and stability. Available in 1700 lb., 2100 lb., and 2600 lb. Early style throwout plate can be removed to convert clutch to late style. For engines with 200 plus H.P. the 2600 lb. is recommended. Engines under 200 H.P. can use the 1700 lb. or 2100 lb.

Product No. 135-4090-10 1700 Lb. Multi-finger Racing Clutch, E & L $183.80
Product No. 135-4090-12 2100 Lb. Multi-finger Racing Clutch, E & L $183.98
Product No. 135-4090-13 2600 Lb. Multi-finger Racing Clutch, E & L $183.98

H.D. Throw Out Bearings

High Performance Throwout Bearings to complete your clutch choice. Available to fit any stock or heavy duty pressure plate, late or early.

Product No. 135-4086 Throw Out Bearings, 70 and Earlier $45.49
Product No. 135-4087 Throw Out Bearings, 71 and Later $35.98

Hi-Performance Rocker Shaft Kit

When using standard VW rocker arms in hi-performance engines there sometimes occurs rocker arm gauling, clip and washer breakage. These problems are overcome by installing this assembly. More power becomes available due to positive rocker arm to valve alignment. Adjustment screw life is extended, especially when swivel feet are used.

Product No. 135-4049


Air Intake Screen

Protect your engine from rocks and debris entering air fan shroud. Draw-formed shape gives air inlet area an added advantage, even when partially covered. Clamps to shroud lip for easy installation. Available in Chrome or black finish including custom extruded rubber base and stainless steel clamp. (We've even seen these on driving lights.)

Product No. 135-4532


Alternator Kit

The best way to convert your 6V or 12V car to a modern high charging alternator system. Kit includes all quality pieces to complete the conversion.

Product No. 135-3504-10




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