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Vehicle Scales

Valve Seat Pressure Tester
100450 Valve Seat Pressure Tester
New digital tester is ideal for checking valve seat pressure on an assembled engine. Precision 5.0 lb/kg increments can detect a fatigued, broken, or misaligned spring. Easy method to maintain a valve train. Can be used on most wedge engines with rocker shafts and aluminum rockers. Battery operated (9V). Four position adjustment and peak hold for hard to read areas. Backlit for night use.

Valve Spring Tester
100058 Valve Spring Tester
Portable, digital force and travel indication, battery powered (9V) with 300-hour battery life. High accuracy and repeatability. Peak hold feature saves maximum reading. pushbutton on/off and zero makes this unit user friendly. Excellent for valve, clutch, shock and pressure relief springs up to 2" (50 mm) in diameter. Readout in 0.2 lb (kg) increments. Backlit for night use.

Tire Tester
100345 Tire Tester
Force capacity is 2,500lb (1,250 kg). Dial in your tire spring rate to optimize handling characteristics. Identifying sidewall spring rate adds another dimension to your chassis tuning abilities. Backlit for night use.

Digital Torque Wrench Tester
102028 Digital Torque Wrench Tester
When your torque wrench is set at 35 ft lb, is it really flicking at 35 ft lb?
Peak Hold feature saves the maximum reading. The range of the digital display is 200 ft lb in 1.0 increments. Pushbutton conversion from ft lb to in lb and Nm. Accommodates 1/2" torque wrench and operates on a standard 9V battery. Backlit for night use.
Accuracy: +-0.25% of reading. Range: 0-200 ft lb.

Digital Leaf Spring Tester
100453 Digital Leaf Spring Tester
This tester will digitally determine the spring rate of Leaf Springs up to 2,000 lbs in 1lb increments and can measure up to four inches of travel with an electronic digital indicator. Leaf springs are rated just as they are positioned in a car, with one end fixed and free at the other two points. Tests leaf springs up to 58" (1473 mm) in length. Backlit for night use.

Digital Coil Spring Tester
100059 Digital Coil Spring Tester
Portable, digital force, travel indication, and 9 Volt battery powered. Large 0.5" display, knurled pressure relief knob and peak hold feature. Stop guessing, now you can pinpoint spring rates to determine high accuracy splits and enhance chassis tuning. Quick, single pin, vertical adjustment allows almost any spring to be rated. Handles flat, coil-over springs up to 6"/150mm in diameter by 18"/457mm high, optionally to 30"/760 mm. Readout in 1lb/kg increments.
  • Capacity: 0-5,000lb/2,500kg
  • Accuracy: 0.25%
  • Travel: 4"/100mm

Hub-Mounted Corner Weight Scale
102030 Hub-Mounted Corner Weight Scale - 5 x 5
It is now possible to change springs at the track without affecting the corner weights or percentages! Simply secure this unit to the hub via the wheel studs, turn it on, and lower the vehicle to the ground. Record the reading from the digital display, then make the spring change. Adjust the weight jack bolt or coil over nut until the digital display matches the starting value. Works great on asphalt or unimproved surfaces.
  • Capacity: 1,500 x 1lb/682 x 1kg
  • Accuracy: 0.25% of applied load
  • Height Range: 8.5"-12.5"/203mm x 318mm
102033 Hub-Mounted Corner Weight Scale - Wide 5
803039 Wide 5 Plate
803040 5 x 5 Plate

Digital Torsion Bar Tester
100451 Digital Torsion Bar Tester - 48 inch
The industry's first tester that can accuratly rate a torsion bar. Digitally measures twist of torsion bars to +/-25 degrees and measure force at a specific degree of twist up to 2,000 ft lbs. Works with bars 18"/457mm-48"/1,249mm in length and splines 7/8"/ to 2.5" in diameter. Custom splined adapters available.
One set of adapters included.

100451-A Digital Torsion Bar Tester - 30 inch

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