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Catalog / Website History

When De Nunzio Racing Products first opened its doors in the late 1970's, one of our first priorities was to publish a catalog. Our first catalog was a paste-up done by Sylvia, a local high school student. It had 50 pages, we stapled it together, it had no hard cover, and we printed it on our own copy machine. As sales increased, we invested in a full color hard cover, added pages and advanced from staples to brass fasteners. Other than the hard cover, we still printed the catalog on our own copy machine.

In the middle 1980's, we designed a new cover, added more 'paste-up' pages and still printed the catalog ourselves. With the advent of the computer age, in the later 1990's we decided to put our catalog on-line. We hired local college students to convert the paste-ups to PDF files, but lacked the technical expertise to develop a web site. One of the students' fathers did site development, so we hired him.

Our first site, which was not much more than our hard-copy-catalog on-line, was developed and maintained by Jon Moynes. Jon maintained the site for about 4 years until he went on to pursue other endeavors.

Not much happened on the site until 2001, when we realized we needed to convert our static, PDF site, to a dynamic buy-on-line site. To develop the new site, we hired mbbdesign to redesign and launch the new site.

After the new site was launched, it became apparent that the level of continuing improvements and daily changes required the efforts of an in-house webmaster. Effective August 2002, we hired Gregory Graphics to be our in-house webmaster.

Dan Smith
Tom McCool
Gary Griffiths
Thom Higgins
John Moynes
Grant Brakesman
Gregory Graphics
David Flora
Jason Donaldson

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